Na Fianna

Na Fianna

Brothers Ciaran & Hugh Finn from Laois with James O’Connor and Peter McMahon from Limerick are “Na Fianna”.
By combining their rich heritage in the Irish music tradition with modern Ireland, they have quickly garnered a reputation for excellence, creating a fresh new energy they describe as “Trad Nua”.

Their 2014 debut CD “The Stable Sessions” included the No.1 song “Muirsheen Durkin”, endorsed by its hit maker Johnny McEvoy, and an incredible updating of “Molly Malone” which has become an end-of-night roof raiser.

Their brand new eponymous album “Na Fianna”, features original tracks written with Don Meascall, whose hits with Sharon Corr, Rascal Flatts, The High Kings and more, have sold over 10 million copies.

Though now based in Dublin, the lead single Toora Loora Lay is about Na Fianna’s personal experience of having to leave Ireland to find building work abroad;

“Everyone laments you have to leave your home, family and friends behind, which has led to an armada of ballads. However, we found that ex-pats were well capable of having a good time and this song is about the modern Irish emigrants who know how to party!”

Na Fianna are constantly touring across Ireland and Europe infusing their rich heritage with energetic and passionate performances on stage. This has perfected a show that is as genuine a live Irish party as you will ever experience.

The two-hour show keeps the tradition while moving it forward. It mixes audience favourites with new arrangements of Irish traditional, and even classic rock anthems, to create an experience which will surprise, delight and entertain.

After a hugely successful USA Showcase Tour last year, Na Fianna return for a full tour in 2016, jointly celebrating St Patrick’s Day and the centenary of the 1916 Rising which led to Irish independence.

Tour dates from Thurs March 10th through Sunday March 20th are booking now through Global Irish Acts.

Band Members

Ciaran Finn is originally from the small town of Ballinakill Co Laois in the heart of the midlands of Ireland. With the Irish music gene firmly planted from both sides of his family there was no question the champion musician within him would reign. After leaving his hometown and venturing to Dublin with his music weapons he graduated from trad school and embarked on a music career in which he played alongside traditional Irish champions.

Hugh Finn, younger brother to Ciaran is also soaked in Finn music ancestry. He began playing the tin whistle, fiddle and after mastering the banjo went on to play the mandolin, bouzouki, tenor guitar and didgeridoo. Hugh’s musical influences include Dick Gaughan, Planxty and Wally Page who was an inspiration for his own musical passion and his cherished banjo.

James O’Connor is originally from Tournafulla in West Limerick. His family tree is drenched in music. With many of his previous generations all musicians in some way, it’s no surprise that at the age of our he started to play the accordion. As he grew he took on and mastered guitar, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica and bones!

With music and singing pulsing through his blood, there is no doubt it oozes through his performance and personality as a destined member of the warriors they call Na Fianna!

Peter McMahon also hails from Tournafulla in West Limerick. Music is firmly prominent and encased within his family where he started off with the tin whistle progressing onto the guitar. Though it is the percussion beat that awakened his soul as the strength in his rhythmic hands drive the engine of passion through Na Fianna